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How to setup Spider AF for Conversions with Google Tag Manager
How to setup Spider AF for Conversions with Google Tag Manager
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This article is for setting up conversion monitoring through Google Tag Manager. You can set up conversions outside of GTM if needed.

If you have not already setup page view tags, please see here.

Set up the trigger

  1. Click Triggers on the left menu, then click New.

  2. Click the circle in the Trigger Configuration section.

  3. Click Page View.

  4. In the This trigger fires on section, select Some Page Views.

  5. In the Fire this trigger when section, select Page URL and contains. Then add the name of your "Thank you" page.

  6. Click Save.

Set up the tag

  1. In the left menu, click Tags, then click the New button.

  2. Click the circle in the Tag Configuration section.

  3. In the Choose tag type menu, click Custom HTML.

  4. In the HTML field, paste your conversion tag. Check the box beside Support document.write.

    You must configure these user-defined variables in Google Tag Manager:

    ##xuid##: ID for each user
    ##xsid##: ID for each conversion

  5. Click the circle in the Triggering section.

  6. Click the conversion trigger that you created.

  7. Click Save.

  8. To complete the setup, click the Submit button.

We can guide you through this setup with screen sharing. Please contact us if you have any trouble.

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