Where to manage your trackers?

Here, you'll find detailed information about your trackers integrated with Spider AF, including the status of each one.

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Managing your trackers is simple. Just click on Configurations > Trackers.

We recommend keeping an eye on the status of your trackers. If you notice any tracker with a status other than "integrated", please contact us.

By default, you'll have one tracker available, ready to be integrated.

  1. If you want to rename your current tracker, click here.

  2. If you want to generate a new tracker, simply click here.

Once created, identify it by its name and click on the edit icon.

Note down the new tracker ID and return to the previous page.

In the "Integrate Spider AF’s Tracker yourself" section, you can search for the new tracker ID to generate the script tag. Once generated, you can integrate it into your website. Don't forget, that you can also generate the script for the Conversion tag for future integration.

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