How to set up audience inclusions on Criteo.

This help section explains how to set up audience inclusions on Criteo.

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How to set up audience Inclusion on Criteo

Criteo does not currently use audience exclusions on their targeting so Spider AF attacks fraud from re-engagement/retargeting campaigns. Spider AF helps identify traffic that is invalid and valid and fires the Criteo audience tag only when valid traffic is found.

※ Currently the conversion tags are not supported for Criteo implementation.

1. Update the Spider AF tag

In order to enable Audience Inclusions, the Spider AF tag will need to be updated.

The following lines must be added to the end of the Spider AF tag that was provided in the dashboard

__oncomplete: function(data) { if (data && typeof data.s === "number" && data.s === 0.0 && dataLayer) { dataLayer.push({'dimension1': data.s, 'event': 'valid'}); } }

the end product of your tag should look similar to the following

var sptrk=function(){var o="",t="__spd",e=(new Date).getTime();window[t]||(window[t]={init:!1});var c=window[t];c.d||(c.d=[]);var s=c.d;function v(t){var i=document.createElement("script");i.async=!0,i.src=t,document.head.appendChild(i)}c.init||v(o+"u");var u=/^([a-z0-9]{8})-([a-z0-9]{2})$/;return function(){var t=arguments;if(s.push(t),"config"==t[0]&&!c.init&&!c.a){c.init=!0;var i=t[1],n=i.match(u),a=n[1],r=n[2];if(!a||!r)throw"invalid id: "+i;var d=Math.random().toString(36).substring(2,15);v(o+"t/"+a+"?"+("a="+e+"&o="+d))}}}();

sptrk('config', 'xyxj2i6e-01', {
__oncomplete: function(data) {
if (data && typeof data.s === "number" && data.s === 0.0 && dataLayer){
dataLayer.push({'dimension1': data.s, 'event': 'valid'}); } }

2. Settings on the GTM

2-1. Trigger settings

Set up a trigger on the GTM.

Create a new trigger by clicking on 'Trigger' and then 'New'.

  • Name: safivt.

  • Trigger type: select custom event.

  • Where this trigger occurs: select Some custom event.

  • In the below part: set Event, equals and insert safivt

2-2. Trigger group settings

To ensure that the tags are firing together, group the triggers created in 2-1 and the triggers connected to Criteo tags (excluding CV tags).

You will need to create a trigger group for each Criteo trigger if there are different settings for each Criteo tag.

For example, if you are using a home page tag, a product list page tag, and a product detail page tag, you will need to create a trigger group for each of these triggers.

From Triggers, click New on the right-hand side of the screen to create a new trigger group.

  • Name: enter any name.

  • Trigger type: Select Trigger group.

  • Trigger: select one trigger and, which is used for Criteo tag firing. (The screenshot below uses All Pages as an example, but please change to the trigger you are using in Criteo accordingly).

  • Select where this trigger fires : All Conditions.

2-3. Tag settings

For each of your Criteo tags, change the trigger from the existing one to the trigger group which you created in 2-2.

By changing to this trigger, the tag will not fire when an invalid access occurs = no retargeting tag fired.

3. Saving on GTM

Publish the changes on GTM.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.

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