Geomasking Analysis

Here you can find an analysis of the traffic with geographic origin masked through VPNs, proxies or similar services.

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This feature allows you to identify and analyze traffic that may be attempting to conceal its true geographic location, providing valuable insights into potential fraudulent activity or suspicious behavior.

To navigate to this section, click on Fraud Impact > Geo Masking.

In this analysis, you can examine the total number of paid clicks identified as invalid within the Geo Masking fraud category. Below, you will find a table showing clicks by country (top countries).

  1. You can use these filters to view specific information about any country, device timezone and segment.

  2. You can select a specific date range to obtain insights based on that date.

In the last section, a more detailed list of the identified country, the number of paid clicks, geo-masked clicks, as well as the unique IP addresses and the device time zone.

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