Fraud Category Blocking

Enable and configure what categories to be blocked

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Fraud Category Blocking

Spider AF can be configured from the Account level with Tracker level overrides.

The following categories can be enabled, disabled, and/or configured within the Fraud Categories UI.

  • Crawler

  • Data Center

  • Invalid User Agent

  • Bot

  • Spoofed Device

  • Geo Masking

  • Suspicious IP

  • Domain Spoofing

  • Location

    • Location Targeting uses inclusion-based logic. Select the countries where traffic and conversions are ALLOWED.

For more information regarding the fraud categories you can learn more here: IVT Categories and Sub Categories

Tracker Overrides

By default, new trackers have the account-level defaults enabled.

In the situation where a tracker needs to be configured to perform actions that are different from the account defaults, you can enable tracker overrides by unchecking the “Apply default settings to this tracker” checkbox.

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