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How IP exclusion works (Google only)
How IP exclusion works (Google only)
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This section explains how Spider AF's Google IP exclusion works.


Google limits the number of IP blacklists to 500. (Each ad campaign)

How Google IP Exclusion works

The blacklist registration of Google IP exclusion is automatically updated every day via API integration for the top 500 IPs with high impact (high number of invalid accesses being generated) from the invalid click data acquired by Spider AF for the past 30 days.

※30 days from the date

Click to apply

For example, for January 1, data from December 2~31 will be used; for January 2, data from December 3~January 1 will be used.

Because most of the IPs generating invalid clicks are regularly changed and replaced by new ones, it is important to continue to block and update the IPs to be excluded daily.

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