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Where to manage the Ad Networks Integrations?
Where to manage the Ad Networks Integrations?

This section provides you with essential tools and features to customize and manage your Network settings effectively.

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Managing your Ad Network integrations is simple. Just click on Configurations > Ad Networks.

Here, you can access options to enhance the security and efficiency of your advertising campaigns.

Account Integration

For Google accounts, you have the option to enable IP, placement, and audience exclusion blocking features.

  1. Enable this option to activate the IP exclusion feature and start blocking invalid IPs associated with this account ID from the current Ad Network.

  2. Enable this option to protect your brand with placement blocking.

  3. Enable this option to activate audience exclusion.

  4. Click here to remove this account from Spider AF integration.

  5. Click here to add a new Google Account.

In the ‘Audience Exclusion’ section, you'll also find the pixels related to audience exclusion associated with your account that were created from step 4.

You can toggle off any of these selection at any time, but beware, doing so may stop ad fraud prevention.

Pixel Integration

In addition, you'll also find that some Ad Networks require integration with the Pixel, as you can see in the case of Facebook. Here's what you can do:

  1. If you're unsure where to locate your pixel in your Facebook Ads account, click here.

  2. Click here to add a new pixel.

  3. Click here to delete the selected pixel.

Further instructions for other network integrations can be found within the integrations section of this help center.

Ad Networks and type of integration:

API Account Integration

Pixel Integration

Tag Integration


Facebook (Meta)










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